The Podcast Project

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Zubz x The Assembly

PodCast is a three-song project between Zubz and The Assembly. 

Co- ordinated by acclaimed producer Nyambo and musically directed by Thapelo Mashiane, the project is a product of on-the-spot creativity and collaboration. “It wasn’t even supposed to be three songs – the idea was to record a song with Zubz and The Assembly, and put that on the upcoming Assembly album. However, the process was so beautiful, we wanted to do it again with as many songs over two separate weekend days as we could.

Three songs came out of that and we felt the collaboration was complete.
Who knows, we may get back into studio together sometime… we’re just letting the desire and opportunity for that possibility be as organic as PodCast was,” says The Assembly member, Lebo Mochudi.
The inspiration behind the name was a doodle The Assembly member Mel made, which is now the artwork for the project.  It envisioned the group as beings sent to earth in space pods. At the same time Zubz was speaking about his new podcast. The two ideas inspired Lebo to suggest the name PodCast – a cast that arrived in pods.
The three songs on the project are titled, Me, Good Day and Rise.
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